The Blueprint Method – product design for business growth

Introducing - ‘The Blueprint Method’.

In order to understand the blueprint method, you must first understand why we do what we do and how we think. The best way we can do this is in a statement:

Solving a design problem in a world that is forever changing requires curiosity, consideration and passion.

Design isn't seeing the problem in just one way. We ask the right questions and our research tells us the answers.

Design requires consideration. How a product feels in the user's hands, how to simplify the manufacturing process and ultimately how to increase your profits.

Getting a product to (subconsciously) become your customer's favourite - that requires passion. In our world talent and skill is not enough.

You may have already guessed that we’re not your average product design company. Product design is great, but by the end of the process you don’t need just ‘a great product’. You need a product that will make your customers say, “I have to have that.”

In our 20 years of product design we’ve learned a few things along the way. Asking the right questions, assessing the market’s needs and considering our client’s business model is essential. By the way, all of that is before we’ve even begun to think about designing your product! We measure our achievements though your business success.

The Blueprint Method is more than a design process. It’s a way of thinking. It’s our way of thinking.


'Blueprint's Quality Policy’.

The provision of total customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products and services, and a desire to meet ever changing customer needs and requirements.