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DEFINITION: What Is Turnkey Product Design

Posted in Blog by Rob on 10 Feb 2014 at 10:14 GMT :17


Mick Karol from Blueprint Product Design gives the definition of turnkey product design.what_is_turnkey.png


Turnkey Product Development Service:

- Design

- Research

- Testing and Proving

- Manufacture

- Putting the product in a box ready to be shipped off


The state of the UK industry now has shown us that people:
- don't know how to make things
- don't know where to get things made
- forgotten how to manufacture things


Turnkey is a full service around product design, product development, manufacturing. The Blueprint Method does all that - but with a business focus.


Product Design is more than just creating 'pretty pictures'. It's considering the interaction design elements of a product; it's considering how to save money in the manufacturing process; it's considering what materials are the best from a user and a manufacturing perspective.



Hi, I'm Mick Karol. I'm the founder of Blueprint Product Design. One of the areas that we specialise in is providing a turnkey service. Turnkey product development service, it's design; it's research; it's testing and proving and it's manufacturing; sticking it all in a box, putting that box in a van, delivering it to a client. We're increasingly finding more and more clients don't know how to manufacture things; forgotten how to manufacture things; don't know where to get things manufactured.

What they want is they want something unique to them, something that can be manufactured easily, efficiently, cost-effectively. All that wrapped up in a creative service giving them something new, exciting, desirable but also manufacturable. Turnkey product design.

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