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Turnkey Product Design - The Blueprint Method

Posted in Blog by Mick on 17 Feb 2014 at 09:50 GMT :18


Mick Karol talks about how Blueprint Product Design do turn-key product solutions.


A Different Product Design Process:

turnkey_product_design_the_blueprint_method.pngBlueprint Product Design are more then 'just product designers' We want to do much more than just design your product and do market research. We want to actually make the product as well! And that includes prototyping, tooling and the manufacturing of the product.


Once all that is done, you would have a boxed product that is ready to be shipped off. A lot of our customers have ideas for new products but they have no (or little) R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Our Product Design Company would in essence become your R&D team, engineers, researchers, manufacturers.


We assist the client with all aspects of the product design and development - research, concepts, ideas etc. But we do more than that. We ensure the client is bought into the project and that it's their ideas that are coming through. Whilst all of this is going on we consider:

- how are we going to make this product?

- who has the right machines to make this product?

- who is going to tool it? etc.


Turnkey Product Design Service:

- Design

- Research

- Testing and Proving

- Manufacture

- Putting the product in a box ready to be shipped off


Turnkey is a full service around product design, product development, manufacturing. The Blueprint Method does all that - but with a business focus. Product Design is more than just creating 'pretty pictures'. It's considering the interaction design elements of a product; it's considering how to save money in the manufacturing process; it's considering what materials are the best from a user and a manufacturing perspective.



Hi, I'm Mick Karol. I'm the founder of Blueprint Product Design and we've been in business for over thirty years now. One of the areas that we specialise in is providing a turnkey service. What we want to do is not just design your product, not just research it, not just help you with the development of new product ideas. What we want to do is actually make the product for you as well - tool it; manufacture it; press the button on the machine; screw the things together; put them in a cardboard box; send them to your customer.


We're increasingly getting more and more clients coming to us who don't have manufacturing capability, they don't have R&D or design capability, but what they do know about is their market. They know how to sell the products that they've got and they know how to develop their own business. What we're providing is a back office service. I suppose we become the R&D team, we become the engineers and we sort out the solutions that they need for unique products. So, what do we do? We research the area with the client; we come up with solutions; we come up with concepts; we talk about how things can possibly be made; we talk about the advantages of different features on the design concepts; we make sure that the client buys in to the project; we make sure that its their idea (they're choosing what they want - we're just coming up with lots of ideas and solutions).


Whilst we're doing that in the background we're always thinking about, "How do you make this thing? Who's going to tool it? Who's got the right machine to make this thing?" So as we take the whole process all the way through, we make sure that at the end of the day, whenever we suggest something, it can be made.

About the Author


Mick Karol is the founder of Blueprint Product Design. Over 30 years experience in Product Development, Mick now oversees all projects. 

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